Idaho Contact Football League

Welcome To The Idaho Contact Football League: Idaho’s Adult Semi-Pro Football League

(Idaho Contact Football League)

The Idaho Contact Football League began in 1999 with 3 teams playing 8-man football at a local park in Boise, ID. The hemets didn’t match and players often dawned basketball shorts instead of football pants, and not everyone had cleats.

According to the ICFL website.

Since then they have grown to 11-man football, and has played across the state. Since 1999, the ICFL has been “A place where men can come together as a brotherhood to play the game we love.” It is a local league in Idaho that stretches from Eastern Oregon to Southern Idaho. The All-Star teams have traveled to Oregon and Utah. The ICFL is a development football league where people can play, get a chance to be recruited to colleges, or by Arena Football teams.

The League currently consists of 12 teams and 2 divisions (East and West):


Idaho Mustangs

The Mustangs have a lot of championships under their belt. They have won championships the the Rocky Mountain Football League, the Pacific Northwest League and in the ICFL.

Montana Monsters

The Monsters are coached by Dre Wilson. The lone team in Montana.

Mini-Cassia Diggers

The Diggers have been around quite some time. They used to play in the Rocky Mountain Football League. As well as the Idaho Football Alliance. The Diggers are coached by Bill Carney.

Blackfoot Bandits

The Blackfoot Bandits will play against the Treasure Valley Duckz in an East-West Matchup this Saturday.

Logan Stampede

The Logan Stampede play in Utah. The head coach is William Drake.

East Idaho Wolfpack

The East Idaho Wolfpack represent Idaho Falls. The Defensive Coordinator for the team is Matt Diviesti.


Treasure Valley Duckz

The Duckz are a new team this year. They are owned by Tim Alvarez. Zach Bennett is the coach. Our very own Shane Davis plays for the Duckz.

Boise Savage

The Boise Savage are coached by Paul Moore. They were founded in the summer of 2018

Gem State Guardians

The Guardians formed up in 2016. They are coached by Wayne Tolman.

Treasure Valley Trojan-Knights

The Trojan-Knights have been in they league for a few years. They are coached by Tony Cade.

Boise Black Tide

The Black Tide formed in 2009. They value attitude over talent. The team plays as a unit, with integrity. League Commissioner Eric Bassett plays for the Black Tide. Their head coach is Jeff Gunn.

Boise Aztecs

The Boise Aztecs are owned by Joe Arredondo.

All of the ICFL games are streamed on YouTube.

So what will we be covering?

Shane Davis (When he’s not playing) and I (Dacota Haynes) will be conducting player interviews. Reporting throughout the games. As well as producing articles throughout the season. This week we will only be able to report action from the West Idaho Area.

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