Evan White Looks To Prove He Belongs

The Seattle Mariners have made it clear that Evan White is a key piece to the team that they want to have in Seattle. Everyone knew that when he signed that six-year-deal before making his Major League debut.

Evan White has the potential to be the Best Seattle Mariners first baseman of all time. Yes, he has the potential to be better than guys like Richie Sexson, John Olerud, Tino Martinez and even Mr. Mariner Alvin Davis.

The only problem that we saw from White in 2020 was on the offensive side of the ball. His defense was stellar for the Mariners. As he ended up winning a Gold Glove Award at first base.

In his first full season in the MLB, White hit .176 with 32 hits in 182 at bats. 7 of those hits were doubles, and 8 of them were Homeruns. Its strange beyond belief that White struggled to this extent in his first season.

“Evan White doesn’t have the swaggering self-assurance of a Jarred Kelenic, nor the infectious personality and fence-destroying power of J-Rod, nor the megawatt smile and Golden Spikes pedigree of best friend KLew, who also goes by the nicknames “superstar” or “showtime.” White doesn’t even have a well-recognized nickname (despite our efforts to get White Claw off the ground), and his personality so far, aside from Mr. Nice Guy, seems to be “plays good defense.” Defense might win championships, but it’s not the sexiest hook to hang one’s personality hat on, and White’s bat has struggled out of the gate, cutting off that avenue as well.”

The above quote can be found here.

The way that White has started out his career reminds you of Anthony Rizzo, when he first started. It took Rizzo a few years to become the dominant player that we know him as. Although, White has the potential to be better than Rizzo.

Fellow prospect Jarred Kelenic came out to say:

“‘I just want to bring a World Series to Seattle.’ … He said, ‘I want to have a handful of rings – for me, for these guys around me, and for the fans.”

The Seattle Mariners young core seems ready to make a push for a championship. Evan White and Kyle Lewis were just the first of that group to make their major league debuts.

Look for Evan White to improve on the offensive side this season as he makes his mark in the Mariners lineup and in Mariners history.

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