The Bats Are Back For The Yankees

The New York Yankees started the 2021 season 5-10, their worst start since 1997. Yankee fans hope that after this series with the Cleveland Indians that the team can get back to their winning ways in order to make the playoffs.

It’s not only that the hitting is struggling this season, but the pitching too including free-agent signing from 2019 Gerritt Cole. Before the series against the Indians, the Yankees were on a five game skid including a sweep by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Yankee fans aren’t happy with the performance of their stars and they showed it in the series sweep from the Tampa Bay Rays by throwing balls onto the field. One question people are asking is if it’s time for Aaron Boone to be fired. Even though he led them to two ALCS appearances, that isn’t enough for Yankee fans.

They want more, they want that World Series Ring to add to their massive collection

Will Yankees star players step up?

It wasn’t expected that the Yankees would struggle this season as their top stars include Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu, Gerritt Cole, etc. With these types of players being part of this historic ball club, it’s the last thing fans expected. Bad performances all around must be infuriating for the players because they didn’t go into this season expecting to be struggling.

With the acquisitions in recent years, it was expected that the Yankees would be dominant in the AL East and win a World Series. But with season after season of continuous disappointment what more could the Yankees need to do?

When will Yankees get it together and win another World Series?

Last season’s ALCS loss in the covid shortened season to the Tampa Bay Rays, Yankee fans grew desperate because they felt like it was the time of the year for the Yankees to finally get another World Series Ring. The Previous year they lost the ALCS to the Houston Astros and they felt that they were robbed of a World Series birth due to the Astros cheating scandal.

What are the Yankees going to do if they continue to play poorly? Will they let go of Aaron Boone or will they look to bolster their pitching rotation? Hopefully the Yankees can turn it around and get a winning streak going in their hopes of chasing that elusive World Series trophy.

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