Oakland Athletics Could Potenially Leave Oakland

Photograph of Oakland’s famed Coliseum the longtime home of the Oakland Athletics since 1968 Photograph  Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that might seem unprecedented but could become a reality, as reports came out Tuesday, the Oakland Athletics might leave Oakland if the Oakland city council does not approve the proposed new stadium.

The proposed ballpark for the Athletics, which is currently proposed to be in the waterfront district near Howard Terminal, has been a cause for problems in getting a stadium built. However, this is not a decision that has been made recently to leave the famed Coliseum, but an effort since the early 2000s.

However, all of these stadium proposals have one common problem. There had been significant roadblocks that have caused each proposed stadium not to be approved. For the city of Oakland, who has lost two teams that have relocated, the Raiders moved to the brand-new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Though still located in California, the Warriors have now made their way across the Bay to the Chase Center in San Francisco. So, another team leaving the region would be devastating to Oakland.

However, at the moment, there is at least one favorite to be the new home of the A’s if the team does decide to move, the best city possible in Las Vegas. Vegas, in recent years, has started becoming a brand-new sports capital with the success of the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the National Hockey League and with the Raiders, who are trying to build a strong foundation in Vegas.

Professional Baseball has been in Las Vegas in recent years has been a triple-A affiliate for the Mets, Blue Jays, Dodgers and Padres, and now the current affiliate is the Oakland Athletics. If the A’s were to move to Vegas, it would make the transition potentially a little more seamless as Vegas fans would now get a chance to watch the professional team of their current triple-A affiliate.

The other benefit of this potential move for the Athletics is if in an ideal world they keep the Triple-A affiliate in Vegas, instead of overnight trips when a player hits the IL if the A’s were to be at home, it would be a short drive for that player to fill the vacancy it would be a quick trip up the road to the hypothetical stadium in Vegas.

So, as of now, until the Oakland city council votes on whether to approve the new potential stadium, this will allow for some to debate brand-new hypothetical homes for one of baseball’s historic franchises.