Did Tom Brady do the unthinkable? What you didn’t know about his Super Bowl winning 2020 season

Brett Duke / Associated Press

By now you probably already got wind of the news. Tampa Bay legendary quarterback Tom Brady played last season, his Super Bowl winning last season, with a torn MCL in his knee.

More fuel on the fire

If the news came with a level of shock, it is because we were totally in the dark about his symptoms or their challenges. The prognosis of his knee was in-house only and kept totally out of the media. We watched the Buccaneers play all their games this season without knowing what he was going through or the severity of the injury. 

This will just add to the legend of Brady. Talk about his greatness just gets another installment – and a lot of fuel. You knew he was an undersized skinny kid, a backup, a sixth round draft pick. Brady is all those things and yet he can win like no other quarterback has. Now we know he can play with a torn MCL in his knee and excel during the entire season only to win out in the playoffs with a new team, and eventually win it all with the super bowl in 2021.

Tom Brady has reached mythical proportions to some. Many fans look up to their favorite athletes as heroes. What does this news do for Brady’s fans? Well this gives more ammunition to their arguments. And what about his critics? You know those that said he couldn’t be the greatest individual quarterback ever? They used the amazingly efficient system Bill Belichick built around him in New England as the reason. Sportswriters and analysts can use his success with a whole new team and new coaches as evidence that Brady is the rarest kind of special. This will be something else they remember when bringing up his whirlwind championship with the Buccaneers.

The reverberations to come  

There will be advocates for athletes and their safety that will certainly look at this as reckless and unethical winning at any cost. Why was he allowed to play? These questions are already pouring in with some saying that the team should be reprimanded and even sanctioned. In light of the recent care to players’ on-field safety, and quarterback safety in particular, these discussions are not surprising. 

In the next few months, these discussions will be overshadowed by the G.O.A.T talk surrounding Brady in bars and living rooms where Brady’s legacy is discussed. Fans will be in awe and will continue to talk about his powering through his injury for many years to come. As a result, Brady’s legend got bigger and his legacy enhanced. The fans will have the last and loudest voice on his injured knee and what it meant for the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl-winning year as well as his legacy overall.