Russell Wilson Traded

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Tuesday, March 8th brought breaking news in the NFL world. Seattle has agreed to send their franchise quarterback to the Denver Broncos. The Russell Wilson saga has had many twists and turns and it finally ends in a trade pending physical and Wilson’s approval. Seattle will be transitioning, as Dever is going all-in on a Super Bowl run with Russell Wilson.


Per Adam Schefter with the trade details.

Broncos receive:

Russell Wilson and a fourth-round pick.

Seahawks receive:

Two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a fifth-round pick, quarterback Drew Lock, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, and lastly tight end Noah Fant.

As of now, the details of the pick aren’t 100% clear yet. It is unknown if it is two seconds this year since Denver has two seconds this year. Or if it’s Denver’s top two draft picks for 2022 and 2023. But Seattle will get Denver’s ninth pick overall and an additional second in this year’s draft.

Is This a Good Deal?

Trading a franchise quarterback will always have doubters. The logic though for Seattle’s front office is a move of value. Seattle is rebuilding the defense with a new 3-4 scheme and the offense needed everything other than WR one and two. Wilson Has been frustrated the last couple of years, wanting more power in scheming and calling publicly for more stars.

Seattle will get two starters, one being a tight end on a rookie deal. Noah Fant was drafted 20th overall in the 2019 draft. Fant has been solid, but the idea is he never had a quarterback that can make him stand out. As of now, he will be in a similar position in Seattle. Drew Lock is coming over as a transitional/backup quarterback. Shelby Harris is a 3-4 scheme player on defense, a heavy-end lineman that had 6 sacks last year. The move adds a good veteran to help Clint Hurtt’s scheme, Seahawks want to run a Denver-style defense and has a player familiar with the scheme.

Long-term Outlook?

Seattle will get four additional rookies in the first two rounds in the next two years. They have options in the draft or by trade for the next quarterback for the Seahawks. The value of trading Wilson is to start filling gaps all over the team. Rebuilding the offensive line, cornerbacks, linebackers if Bobby Wagner is cut.

Per Seattle will have to eat $26M of Wilson’s contract. But that will open $51M over Wilson’s final two years of the 33-year-old’s contract. It makes sense to get maximize the value of Wilson and trade a quarterback in the back half of his career to get more high-profile prospects to avoid a talentless roster when it all ends. While saving $51M and not having to pay another contract at $50M a year for a player who’d be starting that contract at 35 years of age.

Knowing When to Rebuild

Seattle’s front office may be looking at teams like New Orleans Saints, Pittsburg Steelers, as teams that rode out their franchise quarterback and are left with either cap problems and/or little draft capital to crawl out of it. Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers to two opposite paths today. Trying to get one more Superbowl with their franchise’s best quarterback or try to rebuild with a head start and have money and picks to turn it around quickly in theory.

Seattle tried buying in for a post-season push the last couple of years, adding Jamal Adams giving up two firsts just two years ago. Trading for a new guard in Gabe Jackson, drafting a third wide receiver to pair with one of the best duos in the league at wideout. In 2021 having Seattle end up missing the playoffs, Seattle’s front office ended up admitting it didn’t work out and rather than keep following through on a bad plan, decided to change course immediately.

It will be an exciting off-season for Seattle. If they make the right moves they can be back to the playoffs in a year or two.

Who else will be traded or cut? How will Seattle navigate free agency and the Draft? Who will be the future quarterback for Seattle?

Stay tuned.