Ducks beat #9 UCLA 45-30

(Chris Pietsch / Associated Press)

The Oregon Ducks kicked off against the UCLA Bruins and won yet another game in Autzen stadium. After the Ducks bye week, they came back ready to play a great game.

This week, the game was especially exciting since Oregon was chosen for ESPN’s College GameDay. Students and fans were on campus for the event as early as 2:30 a.m. The quad was packed up until the very end of the show. This excitement and crowd did not dwindle once the game began at Autzen. The stadium was packed, and the crowd made this the fourth most crowded game in Autzen Stadium history. There were a little over 59,000 fans who came from all over to see the game. This game was also a bit of a reunion for the team with past head coach Chip Kelly returning to Eugene. Kelly left the Ducks in 2012 for the NFL and is now the head coach at UCLA.

The Ducks didn’t hesitate to give it their all when the game began. They scored a field goal within the first couple of minutes and their momentum did not slow. The Bruins tried their best to keep up and ended the first quarter tied 3-3. However, the Ducks game back even stronger and scored three touchdowns in the second quarter. The Ducks continued to make great plays on both their offense and defense. They came out of the third quarter 15 points ahead of UCLA. Fans were watching intently as the fourth quarter rolled around and the Bruins began to fight back. The team put a couple more points on the board and definitely did not go down without a fight. This game was an exciting one for fans and people were 50-50 if the Ducks would win. Since UCLA had been undefeated until now. However, the Ducks have had a long streak of beating the Bruins making it a tough call for many fans. In the end, the Ducks were victorious, and fans were ecstatic to see their team win especially after the excitement surrounding College GameDay.

The Ducks’ next game is Saturday, Oct. 29 on the road when they take on the California Golden Bears with kickoff set for 12:30 p.m.