Oregon Beats California 42-24

(AP Photo/ Andy Nelson)

The Ducks faced off against the California Golden Bears this Saturday and, won 42-24. This is the Ducks’ eighth game and seventh win this season.

The Ducks traveled to California this week for their game. After the team had an exciting win last week; fans were excited to see what this week’s game had in store. The game started off with a field goal. Then Oregon came back with a touchdown in the second quarter however California quickly caught up which put them in the lead. This left Oregon down seven points as the second quarter ended. This is not something the Ducks have really seen since the first game of the season. The team usually takes the lead and that is where they stay. However, this game had a bit of a slow start. The Ducks did not let this shake their confidence they game back in the second quarter ready to win. Bo Nix continued to score touchdown after touchdown. By the end of the third quarter, the team was in the lead by 18 points. In the last quarter of the game, both teams really brought their a-game. It felt like both teams took turns scoring touchdown after touchdown. The Ducks’ offense and defense both made excellent plays which helped turned the game around for the team. At the end of the game, the Ducks had won by 18 points and Bo Nix had scored six touchdowns.

Nix has had an amazing season with the Ducks so far and he is showing fans his D1 football skills. This game has made him the third FBS quarterback to throw at least 400 yards, throw three touchdowns and rush for three touchdowns all in one game. This has only happened two other times making Bo Nix the third to do this. Fans have grown to love Nix and are excited to see how the season will play out now that the team only has four games before playoffs start. Head coach Dan Lanning took a risk when accepting the Auburn transfer, but the fit seems to have been the right choice for the team  

With October coming to an end and November beginning the Ducks have an exciting lineup. Including the University of Washington, the University of Utah, and Oregon State. Before this lineup, the Ducks will kick off in Boulder, Colorado next Saturday at 12:30 p.m.