Ducks fall to Huskies after slow start

(AP Photo/Andy Nelson)

Good things sometimes come to an end, that was the case in Eugene with the third-longest active home win streak, after the Ducks ultimately lost a close game the Ducks to the University of Washington 37-34, Saturday.

The Ducks have been on a winning streak and unfortunately, it came to an end in their most recent game against the Huskies. The team was not only on a winning streak this season but on a winning streak in Autzen. The team had won 23 home games in the last couple of years. The loss against the Huskies ended one of the largest winning streaks in the country.

The stadium was packed with excited fans, as the Huskies are one of the Ducks biggest rivals. The game started with a touchdown from the Huskies which left fans nervous, however, the Ducks fought back with a field goal. With the end of the first quarter, fans were waiting for the team to make a comeback. They fought hard and had the game tied for a moment in the second quarter but ultimately the Huskies were in lead by halftime. Bo Nix and the offense team worked hard and made great plays to get them closer to scoring. However, the Huskies’ defense made it harder for the Ducks to add points on the board.

The third quarter was tense with the teams seemly taking turns scoring touchdowns and field goals. While the whole game had fans biting their nails the fourth quarter had a twist that Oregon fans were not ready for. Oregon ended the third quarter in the lead and stayed there until the Huskies scored a touchdown in the last three minutes of the games. That gave the team enough points to tie the two teams. Among this Bo Nix was taken out at the end of the game because of an injury. Ty Thompson was subbed in and despite his best efforts the team couldn’t make it down the field and score. The Huskies scored another field goal putting them in the lead. The Ducks spent the last couple of minutes trying to score and got close. Only out for one possession, Nix was put back in the game in hopes of scoring again. However, despite the hard work the team put in the game ended with a rare loss for the Ducks.

This loss left fans shocked but also a lot more nervous for next week’s game against the Utah Utes. The Ducks lost twice against the Utah team last year and fans are eager to see how next will play out for the team. The Ducks will kick off next Saturday in Eugene, Oregon.