Meet Oregon Football’s New Hire Chris Hampton

(Scott Threlkeld

The Oregon Ducks have officially hired defensive coordinator Chris Hampton. While this may be a surprising hire, with Hampton’s past, fans have nothing to be worried about.

Oregon football announced that Chris Hampton would be joining their team on Sunday. This announcement comes just a couple of weeks after previous defensive coordinator Matt Powledge was leaving Oregon for Baylor. This hire is a little unexpected, but fans seem to be eager for the hire. His position with the team is still uncertain and he could end up as a co-coordinator or just working with the safety. Hampton’s footballs seemed to really kick off while he was in college. He was a safety for South Carolina, and he immediately went into coaching after he graduated in 2007. After graduation, he moved between a couple of colleges including Arkansas State, McNeese, and Georgia Tech. Most recently he bounced from Tulane to Duke and then back to Tulane. Hamptons experience is full of Southern schools so this jump into the Pacific Northwest was shocking news for a lot of people. However, fans seem to be happy with the unexpected hire.

Since Hampton graduated college 16 years ago he has made a name for himself in the college football world and is known all over the country for his excellent skills. He was even awarded the 35 under 35 award by the American Football Coaches Association. Tulane’s recent seasons speak for themselves the team had some impressive defense and there seem to be no questions about if Hampton is up for the job. With Dan Lanning putting his first season with the Ducks he seems to be excited about the 2023 season. The Oregon Ducks faced a lot of change in the last year. New coaches and a new quarterback had fans unsure of what to expect. However, despite a couple of unexpected losses the Ducks held their ground and won their bowl game against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

With the 2022 football season officially over, the Ducks already seem to be preparing for the 2023 season and fans are excited especially with quarterback Bo Nix returning. Fans won’t have to wait till September for another football game. The school will host their annual spring game during the spring term. This will give fans a chance to see new hire Chris Hampton with the team.