James Wiseman

James Wiseman Out for Season after Undergoing Knee Surgery

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What does this mean for the Warriors?

This is breaking news per Shams Charania.

It is not good news if you are a Warriors fan as their number two overall pick from the college of Memphis,  James Wiseman  is out for the remainder of the season as he is undergoing knee surgery after tearing his meniscus. This is tough news as the Warriors are already dealing with the loss of star shooting guard Klay Thompson.

How will the Warriors deal with another major injury

Wiseman tore his meniscus after landing awkwardly after going up for a dunk against the Houston Rockets, as the Warriors won that game by a score of 125-119. After the game, according to CBS the Warriors reported that Wiseman underwent an MRI on Sunday. It came back with a torn meniscus which the warriors hoped for better news.

The Warriors on Sunday announced that they were looking to further evaluate option before making a final decision. It comes as a blow to the rotation as the Warriors are desperate to make the playoffs this year, as they didn’t make it the previous year as they had one of the worst seasons in a long time.

The Warriors struggled with the loss of playmaker Kevin Durant last season in free agency, Thompson and Curry were both struggling with injuries and finished last season with a record of 15-50, which landed them the second overall pick in the 2020 Draft behind Charlotte.

The Warriors then selected Wiseman as the number one overall pick in the draft was Anthony Edwards. Wiseman was on course to compete with Edwards and Hornets Point Guard Lamelo Ball for NBA Rookie of the Year.

Are the warriors going to struggle

Thompson who was recovering from a torn ACL after injuring it in Game Six of the 2019 NBA Finals, tore his Achilles in a workout this past offseason as an attempt to comeback for the start of this new season. Warriors were hoping that they could have Thompson back to help the offense

Wiseman on the other hand was averaging 11.4 points 0.7 assist per game and 5.8 rebounds per game. At this time during the season when the Warriors are in the hunt to make the playoffs, this isn’t exactly what they needed. 

The Warriors are currently 27-28 and one game behind the eight seeded Memphis Grizzlies with over 25 games left over in the season and the trade deadline passing by. The Warriors are looking to rely on their star point guard Stephen Curry and Power- Forward Draymond Green to carry the injury-plagued squad.

More to come.

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