Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Allegations puts future in doubt

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Kuo/AP

Is Deshaun Watson’s career done? After all these allegations of sexual assault which the number of them was twenty-two, it looks like his career is heading towards a downward spiral. According to CBS, on April 2nd, Houston Police Department received a criminal complaint along with his 22 sexual assault allegations in this never-ending case. Watson has been in some off the field trouble after he and the Texans had a year to forget, finishing with a 4-12 record and third in the AFC South. It all started after Watson requested a trade from the Texans after being disappointed with their front office management, the trade of start wide receiver Deandre Hopkins.

It grew to the point to where Watson wanted out of Houston, but now with news of these allegations it looks like Watson will be going nowhere with his future in jeopardy. There are allegations of 22 women and a judge has asked 13 of them to have been asked to publicly identify themselves. Two victims already came out and publicly identified themselves. Their names are Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley.

According to CBS, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, defended him in his use of social media to get private massage therapists. Hardin also stated that he would usually get two to three massages a week. However, the massage parlors closed down due to the pandemic. Hardin also said that some of the private massage encounters would go in an intimate direction but were consensual.

Will he end up like Michael Vick and Ray Rice?

NFL fans are shocked to hear about the news of these allegations and wonder what the Texans or the NFL is going to do about these allegations. Will Watson get a suspension or will he finished how Michael Vick’s career went down after he was arrested for dog fighting? Fans are worried that Watson will be out of the league and end up like Ray Rice after Rice was caught on camera in 2014 hitting his then fiancée knocking her unconscious. Rice was immediately suspended by the Ravens and the NFL. However, after his suspension was up, Rice never returned to the NFL.

Fans are now looking at the Houston Texans and what they’re going to do with their franchise quarterback. With the season is only a few months away they have a big decision to make. Will the team move on from their Watson or trade up for a pick to draft a new quarterback? The clock is ticking for the Texans to make their decision, because they don’t have much time in whether they need to pickup a new quarterback or not. It is going to be a long season for this struggling franchise as they look to improve from last season.

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