Shanes Top five: NFL Uniforms

NFL Uniforms: Best combination each team wore in 2019
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

“Look good, play good.” That is what everybody says these days when it comes to sports, and as we have seen in the NFL recently, they take that seriously. 7 teams released either brand new uniforms or tweaked uniforms. Those were the Bucs, Rams, Chargers, Patriots, Colts, Browns, and Falcons. More recently, the Bengals have released their new uniforms for the 2021 season. This got me thinking, what are the best uniforms in the NFL? So, here are my top five uniforms in the NFL ( these are single uniforms, not whole teams).

5. Los Angeles Rams Home Blues

Los Angeles Rams unveil new uniforms
2020 LA Rams home uniform (Image Courtesy of The Los Angeles Rams)

The LA Rams home uniforms for the 2020 season are in the number 5 spot and only made the list for only a couple of reasons. I like this shade of blue and the way the number transitions from yellow to white. There is not much else about these uniforms that pop out to me. They could have done more with the pants other than just a single yellow stripe, plus there is a lot of competition for them to get any farther than the 5 spot.

4. Miami Dolphins Color Rush

Miami Dolphins Color Rush (Images Courtesy of NFL)

First off, the Dolphins color combination is one of my favorites throughout the entire league. Second, I love a uniform that stands out. The Dolphins color rush uniforms do just that. The bright and vibrant orange flying around the field with the white numbers is just way too clean to be left off the list. Thank you to whoever came up with the Color Rush idea.

3. Seattle Seahawks “Action Green” Color Rush

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks Color Rush (Via Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Yet another Color Rush uniform. This one is widely hated on by Seahawk fans for some reason but I am very much on the opposing side from them. I love the green that the Hawks use for their secondary color and like I said above for the Dolphins, there is something about a bright and flashy uniform that screams cool to me. Also a lifelong Seahawks fan, I can’t say I am being completely unbiased with having them this high on the list.

2. Los Angeles Chargers Powder Blue

Via Mike Nowak/Los Angeles Chargers

Long dubbed the best uniform in sports, the Chargers Powder Blues are a beauty for everyones eyes. I said earlier that I like the shade of the Rams blue uniform, but I LOVE this shade of blue. adding on to that the lightning bolts on the helmet and the yellow facemark makes for one good looking uniform. Hopefully the team can build around Herbert more this year so we can see these in the playoffs.

Honorable Mention: Las Vegas Raiders All Black

Blackout uniforms for every NFL team | WKRC
Via 247Sports Designer Ted Hyman

Now this is only an honorable mention because it is not a real uniform yet. With all the talk recently about potentially having a second helmet for teams, Ted Hyman of 247sports came up with a blackout jersey for every team. The raiders version looks like bad news. If you walked onto the field and saw a full blacked out uniform on the other side of the line of scrimmage, would you not be scared for your life? They just look mean. Sadly, they don’t qualify for the top five because they do not exist.

1. Los Angeles Chargers Away

Photo Via Los Angeles Chargers

The only way that the Powder Blues could be beaten was if the Powder Blue was still a part of the uniform. I am heavily impartial to an all white uniform. It just looks clean all around, obviously until the game starts. The lightning bolts on the shoulders and the leg instead of a yellow stripe make the whole uniform more interesting, as well as the Powder Blue numbers and letters. Just an overall amazing uniform. Point Chargers for having multiple spots on this list.

Let me know on Twitter or Instagram what you think about my list and who you think I left off the list that deserved to be on it!

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