Cowlitz Black Bears To Offer Contactless Food Ordering

Bruce Stotesbury – Times Colonist

Many sports including a variety of professional and non-pro baseball leagues are finally allowing fans to come to games, most with limited crowd sizes. This is extremely exciting, but as fans make their way to games there are now new obstacles to tackle including food. One collegiate summer league baseball team is attempting to set the standard for how food is served to fans during this time where the pandemic is still an issue.

The Cowlitz Black Bears of Longview, Washington play for the West Coast League and they are preparing to open the season at home at David Story Field on Friday, June 4 against the Wall Walla Sweets with fans in attendance.

To make ordering food easy the Black Bears have teamed up with FanFood, a Chicago-based technology companies which allows fans to use their phone to order food and drink directly from the venue without having to come in contact with other people. Fans can order and pay directly on their phone and when their food is ready they will receive a text message altering them that their food is available at the main concession stand.

“We are excited to offer this new food and beverage pickup option at our concession stand to minimize lines, support our reopening protocols, and deliver an amazing time for all of our attendees.”

Gus Farah, general manger of the Cowlitz Black Bears

“We’ve seen the pandemic rapidly and permanently changing consumers’ behaviors and mindset, and the new fan experience is defined by both safety and convenience.”

Drake Orser, customer success manager at FanFood

Online ordering and contactless pickup has become a staple of businesses over the past year during the pandemic and it is transitioning well to sporting venues. The Black Bears are one of four West Coast League teams to offer fans the chance to use FanFood to get their food and beverages. The other three are the Ridgefield Raptors, Yakima Valley Pippins and Walla Walla Sweets.

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