Hillsboro Hops Held Scoreless in Final Match Against Tri-City Dust Devils

The Hillsboro Hops lost this Sunday to the Tri-City Dust Devils by a score of 3-0. The loss caps off the second stretch of games between the Hops and the Dust Devils this season. During the six games played this last week, Hillsboro won the first four matches and dropped the last two.

The game at Gesa Stadium was a defensive battle. The first inning flew by as the Hops went three and out to start the game. Hillsboro’s defense held Tri-City scoreless in the opening frame, thanks to a pickoff that caught Jordyn Adams attempting to steal bases.

The first run of the game would be scored in the bottom of the second inning. Osmy Gregorio would get into scoring position thanks to back to back wild pitches. Then, Edwin Yon would hit a single to get Gregorio home. Tri-City’s defense would also return the favor from the first inning, catching Hops left fielder, Caleb Roberts attempting to steal second base.

After no score in the third inning, Tri-City opened the fourth inning with a pitching change. Zac Kristofak would be substituted for Jake Smith, and the Dust Devils would continue to stifle the Hops batters. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Tri-City would find their second run of the game. Gregorio would hit a single to open up the inning, and successfully steal second base for the Dust Devils. After a walk on Edwin Yon and a flyout from Steven Rivas, Kyle Lovelace would hit a sac fly. Gregorio would score his second run of the night, and the Dust Devils would lead 2-0 after four innings.

For the next three innings, the Hops and the Dust Devils were held scoreless. It wouldn’t be until the eighth inning that Tri-City would find their third point of the game. Hillsboro would make their third pitching substitution of the game in the eighth inning. Hugh Fisher, who had been pitching since the sixth inning, would be replaced by Dillon Larsen. Larsen would get the first batter of the inning, Gabe Matthews, to a full count. Unfortunately for Larsen, Matthews would smash the next pitch over the left field fence for his sixth home run of the season.

At the top of the ninth inning, Hillsboro needed three runs to extend the game. Dakota Donovan would take the pitchers mound to attempt to close the game for Tri-City. After a lineout, a groundout, and a strikeout, the shutout was complete for the Dust Devils. Tri-City would win 3-0, making back to back victories against the Hops.

The Hops have been shutout nine times this season. One of those shutouts was against Tri-City, back on April 10th. It was the Hops third game of the 2022 season, and the final score was also a 3-0 loss for Hillsboro.

The Hops are back in action this week. Their next matchup is against the Everett AquaSox this Tuesday, June 7th at Ron Tonkin Field.