Jabari Parker

Boston Celtics sign free-agent Jabari Parker

Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

This is breaking news per Shams Charania.

The Boston Celtics signed free-agent Jabari Parker on a two-year deal. This is a good addition as it adds depth towards the Celtics frontcourt as they hope that Parker can help the Celtics off the bench in the hopes of making the playoffs. Parker will be hoping that this could be his chance to redeem himself and prove that he is worth it in the league.

As it stands, the Celtics are coming off a big victory against the Los Angeles Lakers, they are currently 30-26 and are fifth in their conference. Jayson Tatum and Jaylon Brown have been on a tear for the Celtics this season and with the addition of Parker, it looks even more threatening.

What effect will Parker have on the team?

To add Parker onto the team the Celtics are waiving Moritz Wagner. Prior to signing with the Celtics, career-wise he would average 14.8 points per game. Parker has endured a difficult career and will hope to bounce back his time lost due to the number of injuries he has had.

Parker who was a second overall draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks was hyped up to become an absolute superstar after featuring for Duke University in his college days. As a number two overall pick, there were big expectations for a player of his caliber. Unfortunately, it did not go the way he expected as in his rookie season, he was averaging 12.3 points per game before his season was abruptly ended after he tore his ACL.

Should the Celtics worry about Parker’s Injury issues?

He was expected to bounce back after an injury like that, but things didn’t go as planned for Parker as the next season he went to tear his ACL in his other knee. He was then traded to the Chicago Bulls in the 2018-19 season and then bounced around to Atlanta and Sacramento before he was waived. The Celtics hope that Parker can be the efficient player he once was. And they also hope that Parker can help the team towards the NBA Playoffs and hopefully get that championship.

Fans of the Celtics have been desperate for the team to get a Championship ring as their closest chance was in 2018 in Tatum’s first season as they were knocked out in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in seven games. Coach Brad Stevens is entering his eight-season as their head coach and if the team doesn’t get things together it could eventually cost his job.

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